BTZ-244K ( 230 hp )


The golden mean in the segment of wheeled tractors BTZ.

The model with the 244K index is armed with a powerful 230-horsepower engine manufactured by YaMZ.

Like other tractors, the BTZ is built on the basis of a solid riveted frame that can withstand considerable loads arising during heavy agricultural work.

It has in its arsenal a 12-speed gearbox with optimally selected gear ratios and providing high-quality results for any operation performed, including work with mulchery complexes.

Comfortable cabin, equipped with air conditioning, provides a good overview and comfortable working conditions of the operator.

  • Engine МЕЗ-65654

  • Rated power, kW (hp) 230

  • Number of cylinders, pcs. 6

  • Working volume, l. 11.15

  • Fuel tank, l. Mechanical, switchable without interrupting the flow of power within each range

  • Clutch Dry single disc

  • Number of forward / reverse ranges / gears forward: 3/12, backward: 1/4

  • Power take-off shaft (PTO) rear independent

  • PTO rotational speed rpm 540 and 1000

  • Hinged device Rear 2nd and 3rd dot, g / p 5000 kg

  • Hydraulic pump capacity, l / min 100

  • Traction effort, kN (kgf) (nom-max) 40-60 (4000-6000)

  • Dimensions: D / W / H on the roof, mm 6600/2460/3460

  • Wheelbase, mm 2860

  • Track, mm 1860

  • Minimum turning radius, m 6.7

  • Agrotechnical clearance, mm 400

  • Tires 23,1R26

  • Operating weight, kg 8800